Abubaker Saeed

About Me

Intro and life background

I'm Abubaker Saeed, pronounce like this "Abbu Bak'r Saeed". I'm 26 years old and from Pakistan. My primary language is Urdu and tertiary is English.

Web development isn't my first choice of career, it's fourth (more on this later). When I was studying the computer science from way back then in high school, I got interested in game development career, but because not many schools are teaching that at that time (at least not where I live) and it's kinda for university subject, higher-level subject in other words; I've decided to learn it myself...

I start studying and focusing on the game development myself in my free times and was blessed that there are many resources on the web from where I was able to learn.

At that time, the focus was to become a solo game developer. So, I kinda start learning full phases from 2d sketches to 3d models, from 2d drawing to a realistic environment, from modeling to rigging and animations. After completing the high school successfully, I started to focus even more but then some months later I left and change my career path.

After leaving that career, I shifted my focus on interior designing — 3d interior designing — because I know and had experience using 3d applications and tools. Having previous experience helps me to understand and learn it at a much faster pace. After some months later I had to left that career path as well, though I'll say it's pretty amazing career choice as well but wasn't for me. I love creating my ideas in 3d so sometimes in my spare time I kinda do it, not often but sometimes and it always excites me.

After that comes the web development career, I started learning about the web technologies, and the more I learned, practiced and coded the more it excited me. My aim at that time was to become a full-stack developer so I learned both front-end and back-end development, but because the modern front-end development expands a lot, I've decided to focus on front-end development, digging deeper into the subjects. As time goes there comes the accessibility subject which made me love the web development even more – It's one of those subjects that completely changed how I see web development.

"Being able to work that you really love and get earnings from it while helping people, not only normal people but everyone, whether they are poor or rich, is something that I really needed to have in my career and life. I'm blessed (Alhumdulillah) to have all of that with this career."

Now my goal is to make the web a better and accessible place for everyone. From the front-end side, there is nothing more for me to learn, meaning I've spent enough time understanding web core technologies and now it's not going to take much time to learn some new front-end technology ...not talking about the updates here. And so lately, I'm shifting my focus on improving my back-end development skills.

This career also filled and improved my understanding of how I see game development, at that time that stuff made sense to me but not as much as it does now. Now I understand my previous careers in a much more mature way. Because web development is all about coding and now I understand programming concepts much better, it won't be hard for me to resume that career, but I'm not planning to, I love this career way more than my previous ones.

At the time of writing this, I am 23 years old and I've explored many different career paths but now I'm happy with being a web developer. The reason I am saying many is that all the careers I've shared above are not the only ones that I've chosen and explored (there are others) but the ones that I've shared are somehow directly connected to my current career path or maybe in future they'll be connected, hence I decided to share them. I'm blessed that I was able to explore many different career fields way too early in my life.

Many of my careers have something in common, they all need extensive research and I kinda have to constantly study them to stay updated and majority of them are technology-related ...keeping me occupied like forever.

Hobbies & Likes

Coding and keep learning because I love learning, also because to stay relevant in web development especially front-end development because it's ...improving rapidly — this also help me to stay focused and my mind to stay refreshed; exploring new technologies and designing — mostly web designing.

I love nature and I never get tired of seeing and feeling it. I love birds — seeing them fly gives me something inspirational which I don't think I can ever describe or express in words. Lastly, I love simplicity.

Careers timeline

Game designer & developer

Interior designer (3d)


Software Engineer

Wrapping up

If you are curious and want to know what I'm currently learning or will learn in the near future you can head over to the skills page. Please note: I purposely didn't add any skill or skill-set there... that is not related to my current career, not even 3d related stuff because as of yet they aren't in my services.

Everything that I've learned and know so far in web development, most of it is self-taught and I doubt that it's ever going to change.

And lastly, Thank you for taking the time to know me.

Yours truly,