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Hello, I'm Abubaker Saeed.

And I'm a software engineer specializing in accessibility, performance, responsiveness, security, and progressive enhancement using modern workflows and technologies & I'm also very passionate about creating beautiful UIs and interactive websites. Know more about my work or contact me.



A unique & creative — yet simple, accessible, and nature-inspired design system & UIX (User Interface and Experience).


A static site generator based on "Node.js" that I am currently working on, its concepts and functionality are far different from the rest.

Figma Scene

Design scene as you want in Figma — Change shapes, positions, colors & more. And then generate the animated scene directly from Figma.

Color Pick

A free modern-looking, clean, and minimal web-based application to pick colors from images, from around you; to be used in your next projects.

To-do List

A simple and minimal React-based to-do list web application with PWA (Progressive web app) support.


A web-based application to save links and collections of links of things or anything that you want to bookmark in a beautiful interface.


Features (So far) In

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